20 or so people all connected in some way to Chapeltown came together tonight at the Ukranian Club to discuss what matters to them about the future of their community.  After some initial introductions and a quick overview of the work of the Chapeltown Development Trust we talked about:

  • An inclusive Foodival – celebrating the food and culture of all the Chapeltown communities and the possibility if urban gardening
  • The potential for a multi-lingual local community website promoting local events, project and people
  • Strategies for Young people in Chapeltown
  • Engaging local people in the development of Chapeltown – getting local people into local work
  • Co-housing
  • Inclusion in Chapeltown

There was much laughter, serious conversation, meeting of new people finding of common cause and on occasion differences of opinion.  But above all the evening was relaxed and friendly while talking about some big issues.

Will it make a difference?

Well, if we have forged new relationships, found some common ground and had a fun time than surely that is a success. But I suspect that tonight we planted the seeds of something much more powerful: shared ideas and new relationships that might lead to some really interesting and significant progress.