Both the discussion on ‘organising the conversations’ and the discussion on ‘easy wins’ fell into chatting about methods of communication.
The two key ideas that were mentioned (not necessarily new, but haven’t ever happened as far as we know) were
1) shops and cafes having blackboards outside that anyone can write on, which the shops are responsible for cleaning (and removing offensive stuff).
2) getting a couple of armchairs, a small table, a large blank book and some tea and setting up on a street corner with a sign saying ‘let’s talk about chapeltown’. Then writing down conversations in the book, so that other people who come along can read them and talk about them/add to them. there was some discussion about whether it needed to ‘benefit’ the community or was just a good thing to do and could be an art project.

Before we talked about that, we also wondered about doing a quick survey to find out why no one who’d been at the previous conversation had come this time. And we thought we should look at the aims of the conversations, in order to think about how else the aims could be achieved through organising things a different way. We thought about (and discounted) the idea of doing conversations alongside other people’s regular events – eg on the other side of the hall from the dominoes players, or the zumba lesson, or after football at the mandela centre.

We will get together to talk about how the conversations can be more collectively organised and reach more people and different kinds of people.

Tara decided she’s going to try and bring 30 people to the next one and Riley said they’d bake biscuits for her if she succeeded!