Hello Conversationalists

Our nexy conversation is in the throes of planning….

Recent topics have included:

  • Hillcrest Primary School
  • The free school proposals from the Sikh temple
  • How to support local business
  • How to encourage neighbourliness
  • How grow more locally
  • The David and Goliath Awards

But you can talk about anything you like. My neighbour suggested that sharing some knowledge about the drains on Sholebroke Avenue might prove popular…

Some of the food we get to share has included:

  • Mully’s veggie curry & rice
  • Pizza from Taste
  • Chicken from Marcia’s
  • Sarah’s bad-boy cakes

Hope to see you at the next one.  The best way to keep in touch is to make sure that you follow this blog by clicking the follow box on the right hand side and then giving us your email addy….

Love, cath and the team… x