Hello all you conversation-lovers out there. As the autumn really makes its presence felt and we all get back into the swing of things, Conversations kicks off once again on Wednesday 26th September at Roscoe Methodist Church Hall on Chapeltown Road.

What you should bring – thoughts, ideas, curiosity, your good self.

What we’ll bring: food as usual and updates from previous conversations – the drain-mapping project (https://chapeltown.wordpress.com/mapping-chapeltowns-leaky-drains/), the youth strategy, the Foodival, I heart Chapeltown, Hillcrest Primary, the Khalsa Academy and the Chapeltown market.

As we get towards the end of our funding, we also need new people who can help with food, fund-raising, delivering fliers & posters, etc to keep Conversations going. We’ll be having a meeting on Wed 10th October at 5.30pm at Sue & Garry’s house to work out what to do for the next few months.