Topics to discuss suggested at the start of the meeting:

  • Hillcrest Primary School
  • Chapeltown light switch on (5th December)/ Arts and Business in Chapeltown
  • Effective communication and methods employed in order to attract more people to the Conversations.
  • Barrack Road Development


  • Agreement that nowadays effective communication is a mixture of online and word of mouth. Need to make better use of free social media resources e.g. Twitter and Facebook. These social media sites will allow people that are not present at the Conversations to contribute to the conversation if questions and issues are being posted online as they are being discussed.
  • Potential promotional film could be made that will include vox pops and interviews. Use of quotes from people that are not comfortable with being filmed means their opinions will still be heard. This film would attract more people to attend the Conversations, as they will know what to expect and it will normalize the idea of coming to discuss these issues. Yasmine/Tom to see if their college mates are interested in doing this.
  • Create a mind map as well as record the minutes. Will make reading the notes from the Conversations easier to understand and more accessible. Chapeltown Conversations is not a bureaucratic organisation; therefore the way the meetings are recorded should reflect this.
  • Youth vs. Adult led voice of Chapeltown Conversation, both online and in the ‘real world’. How to appeal to a younger audience, and get them involved. Potential idea of involving Leeds Young Authors.

Business, Art & Social

  • Discussion of Thomas Danby College to be knocked down. What will replace it? Will there be positive regeneration on the site? There is an issue of a lack of social centres being closed down (lack of pubs and secondary school, and now lack of Further Education). However, there are numerous specific community centres. Issue of how to retain connections between all the communities if all the ‘neutral’ social centres are closed down.
  • What happened to PARK and CHART art organisations?
  • What do people think about the changes in housing benefit funds?
  • Idea rose of holding a multi-cultural festival in a park, or an event to promote the business’ in Chapeltown held in a neutral space to display their services.
  • We agreed that the light switch on times were perhaps a little bit disappointing (17:00-17:30), however a discussion was formed out of this thought that it would be more conducive to focus on ways in which to improve the system of the Christmas lights for next year.
  • It would be good if the lights were redesigned in a way that made people passing through Chapeltown remember the area (some suggestions about design – Collaborate with Leeds Young Authors to create something memorable such as poetry in lights, lights in shop windows in the shape of basic outlines that signify what the shop sells/what the service is, competition to get Hillcrest Primary School students to design the lights.)
  • It would be good to get the car park behind the Reginald Centre open for free parking out of hours.
  • Buy Local, Eat Local campaign.
  • Why has the Chapeltown Market not succeeded as a monthly thing? What could be done differently to make it work?
  • Mike C will create a map that we can include on the Chapeltown Conversation’s social media sites, and on the blog, that displays which businesses there are in the area (e.g. where to get keys cut, where to have lunch etc.)
  • Made in Chapeltown brand, for promoting (by) local businesses. Tom will work on the branding, and will bring along some design proposals for the meeting on 6th December.