At the last Chapeltown Conversation on Sat 24th Nov, there was a bit of a buzz about an idea to create a 2-4 week cultural festival of light on Chapeltown Road, taking in Diwali, Bonfire Night and finishing with the switching on of the Christmas Lights.
We already had a meeting booked for people helping to organise Conversations, so we decided to use that time also to look at making this Festival happen.
Tomorrow – Thursday 6th Dec, 5.30pm at Cornerstone Housing Co-op on Sholebroke Avenue.
There are plenty of ideas and comments being generated about it on our Facebook pages – yes, we have two.  Check them both out by searching Facebook for ‘Chapeltown Conversations’.  Also look at notes from the Conversation, which are on the blog:
Agenda items will include:
– ideas for the light project
– fundraising for that & for Conversations (sadly, we have nearly run out of money)
– organising the January conversation
– bring younger people into the Conversations
– helping promote the Conversations
To get the address of the meeting: 07579 965 227 or
If you want to bring a snack to share, please do.