This Saturday’s Chapeltown Conversation is being very kindly hosted by
The Sikh Temple at 192 Chapeltown Road
(that’s the big one on the way to Chapel Allerton)They are hosting us for free in the community hall and invite us to eat with them in the main temple building at the usual break point in the afternoon. So no need to bring food to share this time, but there are a couple of things to be prepared for when we go for food:
– the food is all vegetarian
– bring something to cover your head in the main temple. There are scarves available if you forget.
– shoes are taken off in the main temple
– we’ll be sitting on the floor to eat. There are tables and chairs available for those who can’t get to (or from!) the floor.

The conversations themselves will be in the community room, so you can sit on a chair and keep your shoes on.
What do we talk about?
As always, be prepared to talk about anything – or bring a subject you want to discuss. The conversation topics depend on who turns up. If you want to find out about something or just see what other people think about something, suggest it as a topic and see who else wants to talk about it.
Future dates:

Wednesday 29th May, 6-9pm, Union 105, 105 Chapeltown Road.
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Join the organising collective – email if you’re interested
We’re currently considering having a bric-a-brac stall at the Jamaica Society yard sale on 20th April to raise money for future Conversations.  If you’d like to help, either with stuff or stall staffing, drop us a line.
Chapeltown Conversations is an initiative of Chapeltown Development Trust