Hi everyone – November’s Chapeltown Conversations is happening this Saturday 23rd from 3-6pm at Union 105, 105 Chapeltown Road. As usual, it would be great if you could bring food to share.

If you have an idea to share or want to hear other people’s ideas, or just want to share and catch up on news about what’s happening locally, please come along.

Here’s the very belated report from September:
A small group of us met on 23rd September at the Northern School. Discussion ranged around as we swapped info and asked questions:
– what’s going to happen with the Thomas Danby site?
– Isn’t it rubbish that we don’t have an FE college for LS7 & 8 any more?
– An update on the Chapeltown Co-Housing Project, which is hoping to get some of the land down at the Frankland Place Nursery/Social Services site on Leopold St/Roundhay Road.
– We heard from Marilyn Davis about Feel Good Factor’s Healthy Lives, Healthy Homes project, linking volunteers with lonely older people, to lend a helping hand – contact Marilyn on 0113 350 4200 if you’re interested in getting involved. This reminded me of the neighbourliness discussion we had around 18 months ago.

We then had a long discussion about progress with the Chapeltown Festival of Arts 2014, which I hope Sandra will describe here! She’s hosting a community gathering to talk about the Arts Festival at the RJC studios in the Mandela Centre on Wed 4th December, 1-2.30 (with lunch) and hoping lots of people will come along to find out what’s happening, contribute ideas and maybe get involved.

We also talked about the possible impacts and opportunities of ‘Le Grand Depart’, the start of the Tour de France, which is happening the same weekend as the Arts Festival and will be going up Scott Hall Road. Apparently the council hasn’t yet started planning road closures, events, emergency and media access, etc. However it seemed likely to us that, if Scott Hall Road is closed to traffic, that will make Chapeltown Road/Harrogate Road a key route for all the normal traffic on the A61 as well as emergency services and so on. Roads like Sholebroke Avenue. Mexborough Street and Savile Mount which connect those roads may or may not be closed. They will very likely be quite busy.

There is going to be an opportunity for stalls and so forth on the sports fields at the top by the Scott Hall Leisure Centre roundabout. We thought it would be a good idea for the council officers involved to have a public meeting to talk about it with local people and perhaps work together to maximise the opportunities and minimise the impacts.